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Enjoy the Prologue to Random Chance and the Paradise That Is Earth! | Science Fiction, Environmentalism, War

Random Chance and the Paradise That Is Earth: A Novel by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

Notes: I enjoy science fiction, but nothing like most people I know, my spouse included. Fantasy is more my speed. That said, I wanted to write a novel about a hippie spacegoing dude who, in the end--and of course--saves humanity and the solar system.

These novels will be like this one--short, ten chapters or so, more like a serial than anything. The first five chapters will be posted here over time.



Synopsis: He's a thirty-fifth-century hippie named Random Chance. He lives in a spacegoing RV that looks like a sea turtle. He loves ancient rock n' roll music.

He christened his ship The Pompatus of Love. The deep space between the planets of the solar system is his home.

He's got friends, most notably The Pompatus' computer, whom he named Hewey, and a more-special-than-most girl named Mia who's made her home on the mining asteroid of Vesta. He wants to see her soon.

Unfortunately, that's going to have to wait, because Random's uncle is hot on his tail. He captains a warship for an oppressive interplanetary government named the Oligarchy, and he's been looking for Random for some time now.

Random has a unique gift, one that he's going to have to employ if he wants to get away from the Garkies and his uncle and make it to Mia. What he doesn't know is how much using it is going to change the entire solar system and the course of humanity forever.


When you crack the sky, ‘scrapers fill the air.

Will you keep on building higher

till there's no more room up there?

Will you make us laugh, will you make us cry?

Will you tell us when to live, will you tell us when to die?

--Cat Stevens




Year: 3467 AD

Aboard the UOT Adelson, a day out from Mars


The captain of the Adelson didn't look up from his palm-pad.

"Sir," said the officer. "I think we've found him."

"Found who, sailor?"

It wasn't that the information on his palm-pad was too important to look up from. It was, after all, nothing more than real estate listings on Rhea.


"We believe it's The Pompatus … er, The Pompatus of … of, er, Love, er, sir—"

One didn't speak such nonsense to the captain. And that included such words like "Pompatus" or "love." It was enough to release him from the technology in his grip, which he tossed on the table. He brought his glare to the sailor.


"Pompatus, yes, sir—"

"And this concerns me why?" demanded the captain of the UOT Adelson.

"It's his ship, sir," said the sailor quickly. "The traitor’s son’s ship. Random Chance's—"

The captain squinted. "You believe it's his?"

"Yes, sir."

"You're wasting my time, Lieutenant! I'm not interested in belief; I want certainty, do you hear me? Certainty!"

"Y-Yes, sir.”

"Make sure it's him. If it is, pursue and overtake. Now get out!"


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