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The Angel's Guardian

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The search for one's calling takes great patience and courage. Choosing that calling, once it becomes apparent, takes even more.

Pursuing a calling is a deadly enterprise, for it will inevitably claim one's life. It allows for no other choice.

Rejected and abused by her parents, Elizabeth Finnegan's young life is one tragedy after another. Emboldened by the love of a woman who takes her in after she runs away, she seeks for her calling with all her heart. It isn't what she believes she's doing; instead she clings to the vague notion that she was put on Earth do so something special with her life. Though the world does its best to convince her she isn't special, she pushes on, even when the shadows overwhelm her.

One day she watches a video of a pretty young girl playing a violin. The girl plays as though she has been blessed by the singular touch of God. She is an angel.

Elizabeth knows she has to meet her. She has no choice.

As she flies the skies over America as a flight attendant, Elizabeth's life rockets her towards her final destination, her choiceless choice, her deadly enterprise: to be the angel's guardian.

Total time to write, edit, format, and create cover art for original edition:
4 years

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