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For a King | Romance Poetry
For you, My Liege, My Lord, my Irish wizard: There isn’t enough of me to hold back your sea. I can swim in it, But I am tiny, And it is bigger than the whole world.The sun sets, and the silence is awesome, And my heart swells with your tides Under ...
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Next Time | Reflection Poetry
An empty bench watches the sunset.Wood and iron: worn and ornate.Pink light falls on it brownly.Another bench. It's beneath my desperation.The leaves at my feet rustle. I look up.It's like a cathedral. The redwoods sky over winter's vicissitude.Emera...
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Salvageable | Reflection Poetry
Sunrise like sunset,like gold-on-emeraldguarded by a haze of longing,depths of a childhood feared and missedat once,driving into a continuous painting:falling elm leaves, a bounding squirrel,crows fighting over an acorn,seagulls next to the yellow sh...
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