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Otoro Queril: Saeire Insu Executioner

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Cool! Got it! So what's the story about?

Otoro Queril is feared by his fellow Tracluse.
As an executioner for Necrolius Anaxagorius' Imperium, it's Otoro's job to kill those poor souls brought to his chopping block, and to do it as efficiently and quickly as possible. No one in the Imperium does it better.

Otoro Queril does not tire. He does not complain. It is whispered that he is a demon in a human's body.

But Otoro Queril is no demon. And he isn't a Tracluse either.

He is, however, a Saeire Insu warrior, and was sent by the King of the Saeire Insu, Conor Kieran Faramond Benedictus I, on a mission of espionage and mercy.

It's a mission Otoro Queril has undertaken for almost twenty Earth-years.

But things are changing. Perhaps he is finally tiring. He doesn't know. After meeting a young woman condemned to be a prostitute for the Lord of the Demons, something inside him snaps. With the help of two slaves, he embarks on what will be his final quest of mercy.

Total time to write, edit, format, and create cover art for original edition:
4 years

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