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Random Chance and the Paradise that is Earth

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Cool! Got it! So what's the story about?

He's a thirty-fifth-century hippie named Random Chance
. He lives in a spacegoing RV that looks like a sea turtle. He loves ancient rock n' roll music.

He christened his ship The Pompatus of Love. The deep space between the planets of the solar system is his home.

He's got friends, most notably The Pompatus' computer, whom he named Hewey, and a more-special-than-most girl named Mia who's made her home on the mining asteroid of Vesta. He wants to see her soon.

Unfortunately, that's going to have to wait, because Random's uncle is hot on his tail. He captains a warship for an oppressive interplanetary government named the Oligarchy, and he's been looking for Random for some time now.

Random has a unique gift, one that he's going to have to employ if he wants to get away from the Garkies and his uncle and make it to Mia. What he doesn't know is how much using it is going to change the entire solar system and the course of humanity forever.

Total time to write, edit, format, and create cover art for original edition:
2 years

Random's Musicscape

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