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Sunsets | Poetry

Sunsets: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

Why is it that unless you’re dying,

you’re not supposed to notice sunsets?

So many movies make this plain!

So many novels too!

(Which you wouldn’t know,

because you don’t bother reading.)

Sunsets are only worth noticing—

really noticing—

only when you’re just a few moments away

from cashing out.

If you notice them before that,

you’re somehow weak,

somehow pathetic,

somehow not optimizing your time,

somehow loafing.

Such is the utter moral degeneracy of our time.

Such is the utter moral degeneracy of too many

of our storytellers.

You’re supposed to be a go-getter!

You’re supposed to be industrious!

How can you notice the goddamn

sunset with your nose to the grindstone?

Only truly worthy people defer doing so

until they are just about to keel over.

“I’ve never really taken the time to notice the sunset before.”

What an admission of a life grotesquely lived!

And what a sad, sad age we live in.


From Fractalverse: Volume Six


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