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"Sail On" by Commodores (Midnight Magic, 1979)

Sail On



Sail on down the line

'Bout a half a mile or so

And I don't really wanna know

Where you're goin'

Maybe once or twice you see

Time after time I tried to

To hold on to what we got

But now you're goin'

And I don't mind about the things you're gonna say, Lord

I gave all my money and my time

I know it's a shame

But I'm givin' you back your name

Yes I'll be on my way

I won't be back to stay

I guess I'll move along

I'm lookin' for a good time

Sail on down the line

Ain't it funny how the time can go on

Friends say they told me so

But it doesn't matter

It was plain to see that a

Small-town boy like me

Just wasn't your cup of tea

I was wishful thinkin'

I gave you my heart and I tried to make you happy

And you gave me nothin' in return

You know, it ain't so hard to say

"Would you please just go away"

I've thrown away the blues

I'm tired of bein' used

I want everyone to know

I'm lookin' for a good time, good time

Oh, sail on, honey

Good times never felt so good

Sail on, honey

Good times never felt so good

Sail on sugar

Good times never felt so good


Lionel Richie was at his very best when he was a Commodore.

His solo career, though full of flash and fame,

produced mediocre music that just couldn't compare to

that of his former group.

The harmonies on this song alone,

as well as its pathos,

its almost desperate lyrics ...

Nothing he did on his own compares.

Not even close.

I was drawn to this song the instant I heard it.

I was seventeen, in my last year of high school.

I remember hoping that the Commodores

would stay together forever if they kept

making music like this.

The kiss of death, I suppose.


Digital Art: View from the Castle by yours truly

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