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Middle-schoolers | Poetry

Many Thousands of Miles to Go: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

The difficulty of these days is cubed

with consciousness.

Which tells you just how unconscious most people are.


Ours is a middle-school-stunted species.

Few ever truly grow up.

Most remain in the 7th grade,

concerned with popularity and status,

concerned with the shallow trinkets

that display both,

concerned with presentation and show,

concerned with kissing ass,

concerned with social appointments,

concerned with nothing past the ends of their pimply noses.


Those of us who have fought and struggled to grow up,

to leave middle school behind,

are seen as boat rockers,

are seen as flies in the ointment,

are seen as troublemakers,

are seen as bleeding hearts,

are seen as “weird” and “strange,”

are seen as unworthy of friendship,

are seen as “dreamers,”

are seen as unrealistic,

are seen as ...


You fill in the rest. I’m sure there are more labels to use.

Because I’m sure you’ve used them.


Humanity’s unwillingness to leave middle school behind

is now threatening all life on earth.


It is beyond ironic that children—actual middle schoolers—

are now working tirelessly to save our asses.


From Fractalverse: Volume Six


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Digital Art: Many Thousands of Miles to Go by yours truly