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"Rise" by Herb Alpert (Rise, 1979)

Tracks of Affection: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne


Herb Alpert


[ { Instrumental } ]


I'm a huge fan of Herb Alpert's.

I grew up while he was in his heyday,

and I was just drawn to his music,

every song.

My mother, the only family I ever had,

was also a big fan,

and that helped, too, to amp up my

affection for the man.

Seriously: "This Guy's In Love"

is one of the best love songs of the

last friggin' century.

I was 17 when "Rise" hit the airwaves,

taking them by storm.

Disco was still a blight on the planet at the time,

but "Rise" isn't disco;

it's something clearly better,

something my ailing mother loved to dance to,

and so then did I.

But ... I just have to say ...

It's forty-five years later and I can't

help but laugh when I listen to this classic,

because, wow, man, does it sound

like it belongs as the soundtrack

for some 80s porn release.

I mean, doesn't it?

Can't you just see it--

the big hair and fuzzy focus and

glistening bods doing their bumping

with this underneath their moaning and groaning?

That said, this instrumental is still a classic,

and well worth inclusion into anyone's

all-time faves playlist.


Digital Art: Tracks of Affection by yours truly


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