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Greatness | Poetry

The Emperor of Aquanus: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

Too often the “great” are called so out of the cesspool’s need and no other reason.

How they got that way isn’t questioned. To the cesspool, “great” is amoral. It is nothing

more than one’s seismic significance to the subsurface turds. A great good and a great

evil deserve the same attention, the same worshipfulness, the same veneration, the same

press, the same coverage, the same fame. It’s the seismic reading that counts, not the

merits of one’s deeds, one’s contributions, one’s psychosis or one’s penchant for mass

murder. Virtue, or the lack of it, doesn’t count in the final tally.


But for those with eyes to see, great goodness and great evil are measured by completely

different means. For true goodness is greatness, and can only come about through

individuals, through their vision and determination, their persistence and optimism, their

virtue and prudence, their shunning of fame and glory. They have no need of followers or

devotees or the applause of the burbling shit; they require no holy sanction; and they

disdain the blessings of the wealthy and powerful. True goodness stands alone.


Great evil, on the other hand, can only come about through the consent, silent

or otherwise, of the mass of turds, rich and powerful or not. It cannot survive otherwise.

The turds spawn evil. It may have its genesis in a single person, that is true. But there it will

surely die without the obeisance of all the shit who adopt it and raise it and shower upon

it the cheap imitation of love they have substituted for the authentic kind, but which

frighten and anger them, for true love, like true goodness, requires courage of spirit, and

can be found only in very few.


The shit spew and spit their spreading evil as good; and with it they rape the countryside

and climate and commonweal; they eviscerate the dignity of others who oppose them;

and, eventually, they destroy what’s left of their souls, if souls they have by that point.


They’ll select an unimpressive and mundane individual to represent their evil, and they’ll

build him palaces and statues and conquering armies and revisionist constitutions and

riches beyond measure.


Great good is bred and borne in and by individuals. Great evil is, and will be always,



From Fractalverse


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Digital Art: The Emperor of Aquanus by yours truly