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Melody and the Pier to Forever: Book Three: Part One: "New Beginnings" | Work in Progress

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"New Beginnings"

At the hands of Harry Chin, Melody Singleton and Yaeko Mitsaki died. Those who witnessed the murder, or those who didn't but are in the know, are convinced: the Revolution is over. Necrolius has won.

But ... is it?

Read on!


Author's notes: It has been nearly six years since I published Book Two in this series; and it appears, with Book Three, that it may very well be six more years before the entire novel is published, which should rival Book One in length. There are those of you who have hung on all this way, who have read the side-stories, who have asked me when this novel was going to be released. I didn't think it fair to keep it all to myself for another half-decade or more; so here, for you, is Part One of Book Three. I very much hope you enjoy it!

Some cautions are important to note:

  • This story is very roughly edited to this point. When I finally get to the deep edits, almost certainly a few plot points will change. Not to worry: I'm pretty confident that what I've got on offer here is pretty true to the story. If anything changes, it's unlikely to be major.
  • Please forgive grammar, pacing, or tone issues. They will be polished away in the deep edits.
  • The cover will change for the full novel; and there are more illustrations coming, too.
Feedback and comments are deeply appreciated.

Now--get reading!

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