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You Have to Get a License to Drive a Car; the Same Should Be True if You Want to be a Parent

Work on the rig this past weekend. The AC unit needs some TLC; and Kye and I smell sulfur from the approximate area of the batteries. Tomorrow a tech is coming out—not cheap—to give things a look-see.


  I’m still trying to settle on a schedule for this blog, so my apologies if things seem chaotic.


  I’m a creature of routines. If something breaks my routine, I get very anxious. It’s almost certainly the result of my upbringing, where chaos reigned supreme. I became very jealous over things that could give me a sense of sanity—reading, swimming, taking care of my childhood best friend, an iguana named Iggy who lived more than twenty years.


  And so this weekend was stressful, Sunday in particular.


  My childhood left me with many scars, some of which I’m still discovering. I think that if a couple want to have children, they need to be licensed in order to do so. I think that they need to take classes. And they need to be psychologically assessed for parental fitness.


  I realize that few would agree with me, but then, I don’t really give a shit about that. We have to be tested to drive a car; why would having children, an infinitely more difficult task, be any different? Why do we give so much leeway to people who, if they were to have children, would be total nightmares to and for those children?


  I say this as one of those kids. I was viciously abused as a child, then abandoned. Science is only now learning just how damaging childhood abuse can be, which often manifests years or decades later.


  I live in America, however, which means I live in one of the most insane cultures ever to arise on Earth. Which means that something common-sense like licensing adults for parenthood will likely never, ever make it into law. Which means—especially here, amidst all this insanity—that countless children are going to suffer horrendously.





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