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Why I Post My Work Schedule

I post my work schedule because, for seventeen years now, I have labored in total obscurity. I often feel totally alone, and I know that, save for one or maybe two souls, no one cares even a little about me, if I live or if I die.


  But I care. And I care about this work. And so posting my work schedule each day becomes an act of rebellion, a middle finger in the air of total apathy and indifference.


  This work exists. I exist. Deal with it.





Writing Start: 10:16

Finish: 3:54

New Words (Including Blog): 100

Edited: 2700 + 3200 + 1500 + 3200 = 10,400


1. Melody Book III: Second primary edit of chapter twenty-three



2. Dreamcatcher: Off



3. Cheapery St. Book III: Off



4. Angel Book III: Fifth primary edit of chapter nine



5. Stories from the Quiet: Off



6. Laurie: Off



7. LOTR: First secondary edit of chapter eight



8. Ant Story: Edited chapter one



(Every Day) Blog: 100



Montaigne: Off