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We Need Bill Hicks Now More Than Ever

Bill Hicks was a comedy genius. He had no fear telling it like it is, and for that struggled often in his trade. He saw what I have seen these many decades, and he brought it out in often hilarious if not confrontational and controversial ways. He died far too young.


  He called himself a humanist, but I also sense that he was a deeply spiritual individual. Was he an atheist? It’s possible, but I strongly doubt it. I’m certain his enemies laid all sorts of untrue labels on him; that was likely one of them. But his reverence for the natural world and for democracy, as well as a strong egalitarian streak and a desire to speak truth to power, makes me question it.


  People like him are needed more than ever. We need Rage Against the Machine more than ever right now; or something more contemporary and just as explosive. We need rebels of all stripes to stand up and to do so loudly and proudly; we need great courage, confrontational courage, controversial courage, revolutionary courage.


  Here is a good compilation video of Hicks waxing on about religion. Even if you’re a believer, like I very much am, this will get you laughing. Angry laughing, to be precise. That’s what Hicks specialized in—getting those angry laughs from audiences. He wants you to think as you laugh.


  Complacency is immoral. Inaction is immoral. Indifference is immoral.


  It’s time to get our shit together.


  Wherever you are, Bill, I hope you are inspiring rebels everywhere to stand up and fight for this world, the one you left far too early.





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