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We Are Faced With a Binary Choice: Change, or Die

Basing the recompense of virtuous deeds on another’s approbation is to accept too uncertain and confused a foundation—especially since in a corrupt and ignorant period like our own to be in good esteem with the masses is an insult: whom would you trust to recognize what was worthy of praise!
~Michel Eyquem de Montaigne


These are monstrous times, folks. And though Montaigne wrote those words more than four centuries ago, they hold as true or more true today than they did in his time, when war wracked the land and millions were dying.


  We can’t go on like this. And you know what? We aren’t going to. One way or another, we’re going to change, either by killing ourselves off, or by actually changing and becoming better. Those are the choices left to us now. There isn’t a third.


  Modern conservatism comes down to: “I’m going to be an asshole, and nobody’s gonna stop me.”


  I wonder how many of those fucks were thinking that as the Pacific Northwest heat dome was just minutes away from killing them.


  I wonder how many will think that in the days, weeks, and months ahead as Mother Nature strikes again and again and again, taking more and more of them out.


  People in my experience often refuse to change, even when faced with death, even if, by changing, their chances of living rise significantly.


  We are faced with a binary choice: change, or die. And not just that. I should say: change radically, or die horribly.


  That’s just the way it fucking is.





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