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The True Last Stage Instead of Acceptance

 The Supreme Pile of Dicks yesterday reconfirmed that they’re … well, dicks.


  Revolution, anyone?


  At this point, it’s almost certain that that’s what it’s going to take to right the ship.


  We’ve got our VP, the only genuine progressive in the executive branch, who is apparently cultivating a toxic work environment; we’ve got a massive heat dome that has killed hundreds to this point and shows no signs of slowing down; we’ve got a lumbering, mumbling centrist president delusionally reaching across the aisle and thinking he’s going to be treated fairly; we’ve got floods in the Midwest, outright voter suppression in over half the states, fossil fuel lobbyists with direct lines to senators, and fascist insurrectionists writing laws in Congress.


  And yet this fucking populace still slumbers.


  Then again, they did nothing—literally nothing—when six hundred thousand of their fellow citizens, many of them close relatives and children, died unnecessarily of COVID.


  These days, instead of raging at it all, I find myself laughing. Perhaps that’s the true last stage instead of acceptance.


  Altogether now: W   E     A   R   E     F   U   C   K    E   D .





Writing Start: 9:14

Finish: 3:54

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Edited: 4100 + 400 + 1500 = 6000


1. Melody Book III: 300 new words

Notes: The chapter is completed! I’ll start the primaries Tuesday!


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Other notions to consider, and which I may or may not elaborate further on tomorrow: I can say unequivocally now that I regret my decision to vote for Joe Biden.


  I did it to stave off fascism. I did it out of love for this country.


  But now, as is obvious to anyone with sensory organs and an IQ above 65, Biden is breaking promises left and right; he’s taking gobs of corporate cash; he’s blowing off progressives and the massive youth vote that got his sagging white ass into office; and he is, as mentioned above, utterly delusional.


  I’m done voting for these pricks. The only difference between Trump and Biden is tiny degrees. Biden is in no hurry to help working Americans; he’s in no hurry to help people with student loan debt; he’s in no hurry to address climate change in any real and substantitve way; and he’s in no hurry to help immigrants. He’s basically a fucking gray-ass geezer from a long-dead era who thinks he can bring Republinazis and Democrats together.


  Here’s the thing: he has. At least, the corporate Democrats. They are more than willing to take it up the butt from their Republifuck brethren across the aisle and scream, “THANK YOU, SIR! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?”


  Just like old times.


  Fuck you, Biden. I believed your bullshit. No more.