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The Carnival

It occurred to me recently that the Internet is really nothing more than a carnival.


  Most of it is heinous. The rides are dangerous and deceptive, those running them even more so. You often don’t get what you pay for at the countless booths lining the way. The nutrition is vacant and harmful. The thrills are temporary, expensive, and addicting.


  There are decent spots here and there, but they take effort to find, and are almost always at the very fringes, away from the rest. Out here it is difficult to survive, not least because those in the center, including the carnival's oligarchic owners, can’t stand the fringe people and their offerings, which, with exceptions, provide real deals, authentic interactions, genuine joy, and deep learning.


  For humanity to survive our brought-it-upon-ourselves multiple existential crises, the carnival is going to have to change—as in radically. As in, the worthy fringe folks take the center, and the oligarchs, rent from their power and wealth, and their dangerous rides and those who run them, are sent to the fringes, if not excluded completely.


  Don’t see that happening? Neither do I. Which is why the human species likely will not survive.


  Scientist have said for decades now that we as a species need to change radically, in almost every way. And for decades now they have been ignored. This is one of those ways. We refuse to grow up. And so we are now imperiling all life on Earth.





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