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People Versus Persons

I’m very much like the great George Carlin. He couldn’t stand groups, and neither can I.


  My thoughts boil down to this, and are based on nearly sixty years of painful experience: there are people, and there are persons.


  People: the herds of humanity. The little groups and cultures and societies; the nation-states and the corporate-states and the religious-states. There are many, many others, but those last are the biggest three. They are always jostling each other, always at war with one or more of the others, always trying to recruit from the others, always trying to find an angle by which they may impose their weaknesses (not their wills) on others. They have their creeds and their fight songs; they have their uniforms and pins and sashes; they work hard to make everyone, even those not in their herds, behave like they want them to behave.


  Persons, on the other hand, are individuals. They are rebels. They are free-thinkers. They are rational, are reason- and science-driven, are reasonable, are not swayed by the rewards and goo-gahs of society or any particular herd; they have no interest in selling out their days to them; they think critically, uncompromisingly, rigorously, and take no shit from recruiters.


  An individual isn’t what you think it is, especially if you’re American. Get rid of that John Wayne go-it-alone horseshit. Get fucking real. This is the most herd-driven time in all of human history—especially by those who promote such stupid ideas of that term.


  There is nothing wrong with belonging to a community or a tribe, given that both don’t herdify themselves. Someday I may go into how that occurs; maybe I won’t. I write this blog because I work daily to clarify my thinking, to lay a course for my days, to navigate the ship of my soul to safe and welcoming ports. I don’t write it for you, the lurker who doesn’t bother involving yourself with my hard work, but leeches it for free. If you’re such a person, I feel kind of sorry for you. You give my stats a tiny boost, but like your life, I suspect, you offer nothing but take everything you can.


  I have struggled to form my own little community, my own little tribe, for almost two decades now. I have had zero success in doing so. For a long, long time I took the blame for that, but now I can see it isn’t me. I live in a world of toxic, suffocating human herds; and unless I want to become a herd animal like so, so many, I will continue to be ostracized. True individuals—and I am one—are rare. And from where I am sitting, massive efforts are underway to eradicate us. We are the flies in the ointment, the boat rockers, the bastards who won’t keep our mouths shut and our heads down, like the rest of you.


  So go on, leech-people, read away and give my stats a tiny little bump. Isn’t it sad that that’s your total value? And why do I suspect that that’s your total value to most, if not all, in your so-called life?





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