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Greta Thunberg is a Total Badass

Wanna watch truth really, authentically, unsparingly told to power? Watch Greta Thunberg fucking de-stroy world “leaders” on their flaccid climate emergency actions and policy. Then watch it again. Then share it widely—as widely as you can. Then watch it for a third time.


  In related news, the heatwave that Kye and I just missed being a part of (literally by less than twenty miles, by virtue of living on the coast and just being really fucking lucky), has been called by scientists “the most extreme in world weather records.”


  And yet the populace remains blissfully and willfully ignorant, slumbering away.


  “Dead species walkin’!” calls the empyrean guard as she walks us to our chosen doom.


  I have a strong suspicion that even as billions start dying, most of y’all will still find some way to keep your heads buried in the baking sand.


  That’s not far off now. Within your kids’ lifetimes. Easily.


  But yeah … what do you care?







Other notions to consider, and which I may or may not elaborate further on tomorrow: It’s Independence Day weekend here in the United States, which means hot dogs and apple pie, beer, cookouts, and the advancing, accelerating creep of fascism.


  Yum. Got any spicy mustard to go with that?


  : In lighter news, we got our new PS5. We’re downloading games as I write this. If the world’s gonna end, might as well be playing Red Dead Redemption 2.


  : My latest newsletter is titled “Poetry for Non-Conformists.” I hope you pop by and take a look.


  : Have a good weekend. And … wake the fuck up, won’t you?