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Emma Watson & Being Single

Emma Watson continues to be an inspiration. The term she uses to define her singlehood—“self-partnering”—has opened up a huge discussion about relationships, marriage, and living as a single.


  Consider that Watson is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and probably has millions of admirers, any one of whom would love to partner with her. She’s deeply intelligent, kind, and decent; she’s involved far beyond her acting career with politics and many social movements; she’s wealthy and in need of none of the basics of life.


  In the past, single women of her age were derided as “spinsters” and pitied. But today, marriage, like going to church, is quickly falling by the wayside. The statistics in the linked article are startling, if not (at least for me) encouraging.


  Because I didn’t marry at Watson’s current age (29), I wasn’t called a spinster, since I am male; I was called gay. My so-called family took great delight in telling everyone that I was; various other individuals made the same claim, which always somehow (and unfortunately) got back to me.


  I never took the label as a pejorative, even though it very much was meant as one, especially by the stuffy, conservative, ignorant populace of Northern Colorado, for whom being labeled as gay was seen as the worst possible burn you could get. I haven’t visited that region of the world in more than two decades; perhaps the people there are becoming enlightened. I doubt it; but maybe they are.


  I digress. I am an ardent admirer of Watson. She has taken her celebrity and has used it to affect positive change around the world, which, in the end, is the only appropriate use of celebrity. She is enormously talented, an angel to look at, wise beyond her years, and is, like me, an introvert. All the more reason to love her.


  This latest admission must have taken great courage to let out into this fucked-up world. Her stock as a result has risen even higher with me. I mean—would you have the backbone to say such a thing, knowing the pigs are going to attack you viciously for it, and for pretty much every syllable that falls out of your mouth?


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