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A Bunch of Junior High School Kids Destroying the Planet

I remember junior high school as a particularly awful period in my life. There are many reasons, most of which I won’t go into here.


  One of them, however, was the absolutely horrid teachers I had, ones that had no business being in the classroom, and which seemed to take great delight in making students’ lives as miserable as possible.


  Another was the students themselves—my peers. The kids I used to call friends in elementary school suddenly became total jerkoffs when we got to the seventh grade. They started doing drugs, becoming belligerent, and involving themselves heart and soul with various cliques and efforts to be cool and to be seen as such.


  Unwilling to join them, I quickly found myself on the fringes, and daily disdained, when just the summer prior, I was laughing and playing with them.

I don’t suppose any of this is remarkable, so I won’t belabor the point.


  What I’m interested in saying here was that classrooms became 57-minute periods from hell, because those same students did everything they could every day to “break the teacher.” These punks—my former friends—would act out in class, or curse, or break something, all to get the teacher really pissed. Once that happened, the lesson was usually halted while the screaming and yelling began, sometimes, with the less seasoned teachers, crying and running out of the room.


  Their behavior (as if this needs to be said, which it probably does) in no way was excused by the teachers’ general awfulness. As much as I disliked those teachers, I recognized that they had a job to do, and I wanted them to do it well, as did a handful of other students. Bottom line: we wanted to learn.


  The shitheads of our species are doing the exact same thing now with planet Earth. They are acting out, despoiling and destroying everything, refusing to back off, refusing to do the right thing. They don’t care that they are doing massive damage to the biosphere; hell, they want to do massive damage to it! They want “the teacher” to “run out of the room crying.”


  They are very close to getting their wish. And once that happens? We as a species are done for. Something else these pricks couldn’t care less about, even though many of them have children.


  I’m a peaceable man. But I’m approaching my own limit with respect to these assholes, and I know many others are as well.


  It’s time for a revolution. I pray it is non-violent. But at this point, if it requires violence to force massive change, I think I speak for millions when I say we are getting closer and closer every day to accepting that that is how it’s going to go. At that point it won’t be “break the teacher” but “break the fuckheads.” As in permanently.





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