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You're as Conformist and Common as They Come | Poetry

The Outside of Enough: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne!

You think because you dress differently

or wear your hair in a different style,

or drink hemp milk or work for a non-profit,

that you aren't a conformist.

You think because your Facebook handle is "cool"

or that your musical tastes are obscure,

or that you voted for some fringe party the last election,

that you aren't a herd animal.

You think you're an individual

because your cubicle has this doohickey

when your colleagues have a doowickey,

that your snark and irony are unique and catchy,

that your frosted, flat, and stale worldview makes you a person.

But it doesn't.

Your advanced degree does not matter.

Your Science is meaningless.

The decor of your apartment has no significance.

And your friends aren't.

But you won't face these realities.

You'll ride the planet like billions of others:

until your heart clenches or your

tits turn into toxic rocks or you start shitting black tar.

You'll ride this good earth never knowing who you truly are,

ever unwilling to learn, ever ignorant, forever.

You're as conformist and common as they come.


From The Shadow or the Leaf


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