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The Shadows of Lesser Men | Poetry

Never Again: Trump is the vilest human being on the planet.

I wrote this during the first year

of Trump's illegitimate presidency.

It's terrifying how relevant

so much of it still is.


The shadows of lesser men.

The examples I’m supposed to look up to.

The values. The likes and dislikes.

The politics. The worldview. The religion.

The shadows of lesser men.

Their currency is a gravity that destroys all light.

Who wants a shot?

Trump isn't so bad. At least he's doing something about

all those illegals.

If you don't like him, you can leave!

#MeToo? Fuck that.

Buncha angry lesbians who want

to pollute the minds of our kids.

Lock that bitch Hillary up already!

Put her in a cell next to Jane Fonda!

White men built America.

It's ours!

You're penniless, you cuck snowflake pinko fag?

You're worthless!

Never married? You are a fag! You must be!

Never owned property?

Fuckin' failure.

Never had kids?

Good. At least your spawn won't be runnin' around!

We're men.

We're real men.

Fuck those Women's Marches!

If they were gettin' it like they should,

they'd be makin' dinner at six

and be damn happy about it!

Fuck their right to choose!

Why the fuck we allowed them the right to vote is beyond me.

They have the inalienable right to suck our dicks and launder our underwear,

and to raise our kids as good God-fearin' Christians!

That's all they should aspire to. Any more is unnatural.

Build the wall!

(That is, after those filthy browns harvest my dinner.)

De-regulate everything!

Coal! Coal! Coal!

If you like solar power, you must be a Hillary-votin' homo.

Kill them all!

Science? Climate? Equality?

What, are you some sort of int'lect-u-al?

Build the wall!

It's all fake news anyway.

Fox News says it is, and that's good enough for me.

We're glad Russia interfered in the election!

Fuck those Democrats!

If we have to, we'll stick 'em in the same camps we've

stuck all those little brown rugrats in.

The FBI is corrupt!

Hang Mueller!

Ivanka is how I want my daughter to grow up.

She's classy.

Buy more tiki torches! Suppress the vote!

We're gonna make America great again!


From Conversations With God


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