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The Essential Part of the Problem | Poetry

We'll Eat Them When They Turn Off Their Headlights: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

We ignore the horrors of our lives at our peril:

the destruction of the Commonwealth;

the erosion of our liberties;

the coup of our government by a hateful cabal

of vastly Caucasian testosterone mutants

with a jaundiced eye towards global domination.

We tolerate the intolerable, and call that tolerance.

It isn’t.

It’s surrender.

It’s cowardice.

It’s enabling.

It’s aiding and abetting.

It’s complicity.

When will you protest? When the ovens are re-lit?

When your neighbors begin disappearing?

When you are standing in line, the last of your family,

and the fires of the furnaces light up the endless night?


Because believe me, that’s what those jackals want.

Their leader loves him, and has a copy of his book at his bedside.

His angry pasty-faced oldsters who voted for him

and who advise him want that.

They want you in line.

But you’re not going to listen to me, are you?

You’re too inured in your meaningless, moronic

suburban unexistence.

You’re comfortable with appearances.

You’re happy with lies.

You are, in effect, an essential part of the problem.

You are, in effect, no better than an actual zombie.

You are, for all intents and purposes, already dead.


From Fractalverse: Volume Four


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