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If I Remember | Poetry

In Consideration of the Long Way: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

Walking this time of year feels like breathing.

Times are I forget which is which,

or that I’m doing both.

The speedy sun has no need for contemplation.

It wants to marry arguing horizons.

Colors and shadows.

We lose sight of how dark everything is.

I’m not tempted to condemn it,

though I know you want me to.

Its counterpoint textures my seconds.

Living has never been easy. I know now it never will be.

It’s the knowing that counts.

I’m free of silly expectations.

Free of pleasing others.

Free of banging my head against walls.

That is, if I remember. If I don’t—

and that still happens—

I must start all over again.


From Fractalverse: Volume Three


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