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I Can | Poetry

Letting the Drain Take Me: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

“Life is a militia against malicia, or malice,” so says my favorite aphorist.

For too long I have fought the wrong war and the wrong enemies.

It wasn’t that they weren’t enemies; they were.

Just the wrong ones.

My evolution has been slow and many times regressive.

I devolve, and then must trudge through familiar mud once again.

I see my own blood under my feet.

Again and again

I end up re-fighting those wrong enemies

before wising up and moving on.

I’ve finally come to a place of acceptance:

Life is a war.

It is.

But I can choose which war to fight.

I can fight worthy enemies,

not the unworthy garbage I have for decades.

I can see the world each morning with fresh eyes.

I can write—even if no one is reading.

I can speak out—even if no one is listening.

I can laugh—even though I feel like crying.

I can cry—even though the rest of the world plods numbly along.

I can thrust both middle fingers defiantly at the creeps and maggots

and leeches and abusers and horrors that have swarmed over this planet

like a disease, and I can fight back.

I can fight back!


From Fractalverse: Volume Four


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Fractal art: Letting the Drain Take Me by yours truly