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Cut Flower | Poetry

Signpost: Digital Art by Shawn Michel de Montaigne

She has no cares,

no selfish yodeling in the shower,

no red lipstick on his collar,

no sly glances, no jumping up and down,

no rent checks, no chicken fingers,

no gray skies, no starched white underwear,

no golden trumpets blaring orgasm,

no readying for profit,

no tears in her ego,

no cares along the desolate train tracks,

no waves crashing against her lighthouse,

no bright skies reflecting off shiny wooden floors,

no sunny disposition,

no walls of shame, no beds of malice,

no revenge, no coupons, no breezes blowing her hair back,

no smoke in her eyes,

no goosebumps,

no lip gloss,

no mind.

Mind over cut flower,

withering, pale, yellow.

Drizzle barrier: blest twist driftwood—

brown and black.



From For It All


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Digital Art: Signpost by yours truly