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Angel: Book Three | Work in Progress | The First Ten Chapters

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Aldo Nova McAllister's miserable life was supposed to be over. He'd just been shot and kicked off a cliff. He smashed down on a boulder, and there his broken body bled into the dark of the roaring Pacific surf.

But ... he didn't die. And when he came to, he felt new, perversely so. He wanted to live. He wanted to right the many wrongs of his life. He wanted to be a different man.

How did this miracle occur? Was it God? If so, why the hell would God want to save his sorry self?

Read on!


Author's notes: I've had great fun writing this book, the first Western I've ever attempted. It's been a struggle, however, as I have had to do a ton of research for it, and getting the tone right has been a real challenge.

There are almost certainly grammar, pacing, and, yes, tone issues here; they will be ironed out when the manuscript is completed. If you can handle those, I've got ten chapters waiting for you. I hope you enjoy them.


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