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The Candle in the Window: A Fan Fiction Tribute to T-Bag from Prison Break

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Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is a convicted killer, one serving multiple life sentences for his many evil deeds. As a member of the infamous Fox River Eight who escaped from Illinois' Fox River Penitentiary, he lost his hand, then his head, as he went on another murder spree. Eventually caught, T-Bag was remanded back to Fox River as more life sentences were tacked on to his bid.

But his importance to Michael Scofield, the mastermind of the escape, never wavered, even though Scofield fought like hell to disentangle himself from Bagwell. T-Bag's own son was, against all odds, imprisoned in the Middle East with Scofield, making that tangled knot even more difficult to unravel. Scofield saw fit while there to--somehow--see to it that Theodore got a new prosthetic hand, one state of the art. He even got T-Bag released somehow; but Theodore's proclivities to violence once again landed him back behind bars.

It's here we find Theodore, sitting in the dark of solitary confinement, praying. The candle in the window of his soul has been lit too many times; behind the door was nothing but demonic rage, and he, tired of it, begs for relief.

His prayer is about to be answered.

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