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She has been waiting for her moment for more than twenty Earth-years. But her moment has never come. Caught up in yet another wave of despair and depression, this time she did something utterly foolish--and deadly: she contacted her most terrifying enemy, Luis Arroyo, who has been hunting her all this time, who has tracked down and slaughtered all the others who, with her so long ago, watched as Emperor Necrolius Anaxagorius consumed Luis' daughter's soul.

But Aubrey of Saturnius' troubles go way deeper than that. She is employed by one who stood in the circle with her that day, the very General of the Imperial Dreamcatchers, Olcas Suarach. Suarach is rumored to be just as deadly as Luis Arroyo, and is more than happy to kill to achieve his desired ends, or to simply please himself. He is a true monster, one Aubrey has served as head maid of his household for all this time.

And now, yet another problem: for a new young maid has demonstrated Dreamcatcher abilities. If Suarach were to find out, the young woman would die horribly at his hands. And if she died, so too would Aubrey, for Suarach would be able to learn of Aubrey's abilities through her as he killed her.

Aubrey can sense that time is running out. As the Saeire Insu's Revolution gains steam, Suarach's temper is slipping.

The noose is tightening. What must Aubrey do to survive, and to save those innocent others with whom she labors to keep Master Suarach's manor spotlessly clean?


Author's Notes: I thought about this novel extensively for more than fifteen years before I started writing it. It's a deeply consequential story, one whose happenings end up reverberating around the whole of Aquanus.

Aubrey Sintaur saved Kaza Lucanson. Once an Imperial Sodessi, a member of the Imperial Secret Police, she escaped the Imperials only to find out that Luis Arroyo was with the Saeire Insu, and wouldn't hesitate to kill her if he discovered her whereabouts, for reasons listed in the synopsis above.

There are ten chapters waiting; please be advised that they have only gone through the first (primary) edits, and that, generally speaking, the farther into the story you read, the rougher the editing becomes. Still, it's shaping up to be a great story, full of suspense, tension, and terror; but also: friendship, redemption, love, and understanding.

Aubrey's destiny is greater than she can possibly imagine. I have loved writing her story.



The Dreamcatcher Feared Over All of Aquanus

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