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The Blessings of Mr. Watson | Work-in-Progress

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Sometimes incredible dreams do come true.

The question is: What happens to the people for whom that occurs? For Ronan and Lee, a couple deeply in love but also deeply in debt, as well as out of work, that question becomes central to their lives, one that has long been uppermost to the benefactor who comes to save them.

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Author's notes: One of my all-time favorite movies is Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I have longed to write an adult version of it, one original but that riffs a little off it. This is my work towards that end thus far.

In a world where wealth and fame are worshiped above all else, a world that is literally burning up due to such horrific values, as well as many other dysfunctional ones, I want to explore what happens when an out-of-work couple is gifted a "golden ticket" by the world's wealthiest individual. For in the end, I believe, the true "golden ticket" is the one that resides (or not) in one's heart.

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