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Conversations With God: Volume One

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What did you spend your life doing?
Did you answer the unique and primal ache
each and every one of us has?
Or did you (almost certainly) ignore it?
Life is: school, marriage, kids, house, job, retirement, death.
And in-between consuming as much as you can
to stifle that ache.
And in-between:
constantly comparing yourself to your neighbors and coworkers.
And in-between:
kissing as much richer or more powerful ass as you can.
And in-between:
being steadily inured into Oblivion by the constant
messages of advertisers:
You aren't good enough!
You aren't rich enough!
You aren't sexy enough!
You're getting old!
You're getting fat!
You're socially unacceptable!
Why aren't you using fabric softener on that limp collar, loser!


Please note: absolutely no AI was utilized in the creation of this content.
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