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Sixteen-year-old Sèbastienne lives in the small coastal village of Port Hawktried which, one night a few years ago following a brutal murder, simply moved to a new place and a different time.

It's been eight of these "Shifts" since, which occur without warning, and always at night. But this Shift is different, because the murderer, who was presumed lost in the first Shift, has somehow returned.

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Author's notes: This novel is part mystery, part thriller, part metaphysical fantasy, and part coming-of-age. I've got five chapters for you to dip your toes in; my initial guess is that this story will end up in the twenty-five to thirty chapter range. I have on occasion lost the creative thread with it, but got it back at chapter five. I thought I'd press on, but decided to stick the project on the back burner in order to stew it a bit, give it some time to find its course when I return to it.



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