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Gilligan's Island: The Real Story | A Fan Fiction Tribute to Gilligan's Island

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Everybody knows about the Minnow and its seven castaways. What you don't know is the real story. This is it. Read on!


Author's notes: I grew up with Gilligan's Island. It was a nice, way-too-brief half-hour escape from the daily hell that was my childhood. I thought that one day I might try to write a fan fiction tribute to it. This is my ongoing effort towards that end.

It's not a comedy; instead it's much more like Lost: a drama, gritty and sexy and enchanting. The innocence is gone in this work, the characters deeper and more fleshed out, scarred from their own lives and the recent trauma of being shipwrecked in a mysterious time and place that seems to have no anchor to the world they left behind.

I've got six chapters for you to dive into: please forgive any grammar or other issues that may crop up. They will be fixed over time.

For now--enjoy!


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