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A Bundle of Angels, a Magic Candle, a Space Hippie from the Distant Future, & a Band of Disparate Heroes

More great fiction than you can shake your literary stick at

Some Great Stories to Expand that Soul of Yours

  • Angel, Books One and Two: This series was inspired by a drive in canyonlands, and also by Dead Like Me, Bryan Fuller's 2004-5 masterpiece.
  • The Candle is my oldest single work of fiction, the original draft completed in 2003. For mature audiences only, please.
  • Random Chance and the Paradise that is Earth is a series, believe it or not; later volumes are sure to show up as times goes on. It's about a 35th-century hippie who has a big, big project ahead of him, namely saving sol system from really bad governance.
  • The Cheapery St. Heroes, Books One and Two: Six individuals, three in one universe, three in another, are unwittingly tasked with saving all universes. No biggie.

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The Candle


Random Chance and the Paradise that is Earth


The Cheapery St. Heroes


The Cheapery St. Heroes: Book Two




Angel: Book Two