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He's an ant who has named himself Bartholomew for our convenience. Likewise, he has named the colony he is a member of Spain. Spain can be found at a cliff-edge in southwestern Oregon.

Bartholomew wants to talk to us. The ape named Trump wants to build huge oil derricks off the coast of Spain, which will destroy Spain and tens of miles of pristine coastline. Bartholomew, as head of the Scouts, along with other leaders of his colony, including the Queen, decide to fight back.

But how? How do you defeat a species hell-bent on destroying the world, one many times greater than yours in almost every way? The ants of Spain must "think outside the box"--one of their greatest weaknesses. But they have no choice, because otherwise their Queendom will be destroyed.

Bartholomew gets a tip that there is a rare Spaniard who is very much her own ant, an "outside-the-box thinker." Her name is Andy. He goes to visit her.

And that's when things get really interesting.


Author's notes: I'm very proud of this story, which, I suppose, qualifies as both fantasy and science fiction. I've been working on it since Trump illegitimately took office in 2016; there are ten chapters for you to enjoy at this point.

Please be advised: the editing gets rougher and rougher the further you read. That said, I think you'll have a grand time.



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